There is only ONE Doris Day…

but there are millions of Doris Day fans:  I would very much consider myself the latter of the two.  A Date with Doris is not a tribute act but is a one-woman play which portrays the music, the movies and persona of Doris, all through the eyes and experience of a very big fan.  My character in “A Date with Doris” is very possibly the antithesis of Hollywood’s biggest female star and more the real-life girl-next-door who lives alone, sings and talks to her Doris Day picture and is visited by a comical over-bearing Mammy!

Searching for Mr. Right

The show takes place on the night of a very special date with my Secret Love, who keeps me on my toes, throughout the evening with phone texts and promises.  Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. ..

In this age of vintage chic, girlish glamour is harking back to the golden age of Hollywood but this choice of retro-fashion and musical taste has had a detrimental affect on my character’s love-life.  I am crossing my fingers that this date is with Mr. Right.

A Mothers Help

As we prepare for the mystery man to sweep me off my feet, I pass the time, with a beautifying regime, drinking cheap white wine and most importantly singing through my classic Doris Day record collection, which is the only thing that can put me at my ease.

My mother turns up unexpectantly, as she is prone to do!  She tells me everything I am doing wrong and departs having generously helping me finish my bottle of wine.

I speak to the audience as if they are in my living room.
We can all join in the Whip Crack Away’s and Que Sera’s!

A Date with Doris has proven to be a “Sentimental Journey” for our audiences and  follows Doris’s career from her first 1945 hit to the release of her 29th solo album in 2011.  With 20 Doris Day songs included in the show, only once has a fan asked for another song to be included and of course in our next tour, we will endeavour to oblige!

The first Irish tour was a tremendous a great success owing in no small part,  to the legion of  Doris Day fans who come to hear her music. Thanks to all! We have enjoyed hearing our audiences sing, seeing them smile together getting lost in nostalgia….

What the audience thought…